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Bride of the Full Moon

The fantasy that begins when the full moon RISES

A little girl named Lucy was abandoned in front of the werewolves' village on a cold winter night.

Kaiden, the leader of the clan, took her under his wing and raised her with love and sincerity.

She became the only human who lived amongst the werewolves, helping out the patrols.

However, she awoke one morning, unclothed, and alone on the bed.

Engraved on her body, was an imprint representing that she had been chosen by a werewolf to be his companion.

Lucy, who had no memory of the night before from drinking too much,
felt confused as to whom left the imprint on her.

At the same time, the peaceful town of Beute,
started to gradually be in involved in many conspiracies……

On the night of the full moon, everything started as their instincts awoke.

"That night, I was the one who had you. You are the woman who will be my destiny."

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