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Serendipity; The Mafias

“Story of the twisted fates in a brutal world…”

Lucy is an ordinary girl who lives by a small church in Cartone.

She’d usually spend her days helping the less fortunate, and sometimes meet her parents who occasionally visit her.


Her days have been quite peaceful until a man named Arvan showed up at her doorstep, delivering the message that her parents had been assassinated.

What was more shocking was that her parents weren’t tradesmen, as Lucy had known her entire life.


They were the bosses of the biggest mafia family, known as ‘The Ragors’.


Before she even gets to mourn for their death, other guests appear before her,  knowing that the daughter of the dead bosses hold the key to something great…

Lucy’s life turns upside down as these uninvited guests come into her life.


The girl who holds the answer to Pandora's box… and the ones despearte to open it.


The war of the twisted fates begins.

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